Welcome to my site! Up until this post, shaunverch.com was hosted on Digital Ocean and Linode and only returned a pdf of my resume. It was configured using very infrequently run Ansible scripts and didn’t include any monitoring to speak of.

But now I’m starting a new project called Cloudless that aims to make provisioning your own infrastructure directly on virtual machines across multiple cloud providers easy. I built it because I wanted there to be a viable option to avoid vendor lock-in, but I’ll talk about that more in a future post. To get experience using it, both this site and https://getcloudless.com are deployed using Cloudless.

I do know I could use github pages (and I would highly recommend it, it’s very easy), but the point of this is to get experience using my own project on a real system that I actually care about (how bad would it look if I claim to be a Site Reliability Engineer but can’t even keep my own site running?). You can find the source for this site here and the deployment scripts here.

I hope to post here about things that I’ve learned over the years that might actually help people, or at least be interesting. Feel free to subscribe via RSS if you’re interested!